Mar 29, 2016

A penguin chick attacking my GoPro in the South Shetlands, Antarctica. 

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Mar 26, 2016

It’s hard to believe but I just completed my 16th trip to Antarctica. There hasn’t been a single one where I haven’t exclaimed, “Wow, I can’t believe I get to see this.” It’s one of our last “untouched” places on earth, and I’m proud to spend my days working to protect it, however I can. 

If my bombarding you with constant photos has planted the seed for you to go and see it for yourself, please let me take you someday! Here are my favorite photos from this season, all in one place.

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Mar 25, 2016

That’s a wrap on our 2015-2016 Antarctic summer season. Here’s a few photos from this past week around the Antarctic Peninsula. Nice to be back home in New York, if only for 12 days and then off on another, slightly warmer land-based adventure. 

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Mar 12, 2016


Jump, penguins, jump!

A beautiful iceberg covered in chinstrap penguins in the Bransfield Strait, Antarctica.

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Mar 12, 2016

Shot this last week in the South Shetlands, Antarctica. Spoiler alert - the penguins won!

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Mar 3, 2016

These past 11 days were like a dream, making it into Antarctic Sound on the eastern side of the Peninsula, and far south of the Antarctic Circle. We even found a gorgeous emperor penguin in Crystal Sound. 

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Feb 20, 2016

Photos from these past 2 weeks in Antarctica. Blissin’ out big time this season. 

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Feb 8, 2016

Week 3 in Antarctica, having a wonderful time as always. Lots of new landings and working with a super strong team. 

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Jan 30, 2016

15 seconds through the Errera Channel on a perfect summer’s day in Antarctica.

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Jan 5, 2016

My new water dragon friend Ralph enjoying his dinner tonight. 

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